The more you hurt your scalp, the bigger the problem will be. An anti-dandruff shampoo chemically filled in the market promises to solve the problem as soon as possible. However, shampoo chemicals are harmful to the hair and cause sensitive scalp to collapse. Therefore it is best to completely avoid chemical hair products to treat dandruff and make it natural.

Orange peel for dandruff removal
Lemon juice
2 tablespoons of dried and dried orange peel
Mix lemon juice and orange peel
Gently massage the mixture on the scalp for 5-10 minutes
Dry for 20 to 30 minutes before rinsing with cold water
For best results, at least once a week
Tips on how to get rid of dandruff at home:
Choose natural remedies
Please pay attention to the styling of the product
Effective brush
Adjust the scalp appropriately
Choose natural remedies:
Treatment at home is always better because it reduces the risk of side effects, is chemically free, cheap, made with the daily ingredients of your kitchen, it is marvelous to deal with the problem Root
Massage of head with slimy oil not only bothers you, it gives nutrition and moisture to deep depth to the scalp. Oil also helps to stimulate thick and strong hair growth, keep the scalp clean, and to prevent bacterial or fungal infection.
Dandruff preventing hair oil
Be careful when styling the product.
Use hair styling products such as shampoo, iron and hair dryer excessively to massage your hair. Wipe the scalp with natural moisture and oil and make it look dull, dry and damaged. By slowly exposing your hair to styling products, it helps to keep the health and happiness of the scalp.
Avoid hair styling products to prevent dandruff
Effective brush:
Brushing is one of the easiest ways to unravel your hair and increase its brilliance. By regularly brushing the hair, the scalp is evenly distributed throughout the length of the hair, the scalp has no itching, drying, no infection. But do not forget to do slowly so that serious scratches weaken the root hair and they break down and fall.
Brush effectively prevents dandruff
Properly arrange the scalp:
Side effects of exposing your hair and scalp to sun and pollution can deprive the scalp of their natural oil. When it becomes a good conditioner, the scalp deeply moisturizes and removes impurities that cause dandruff on dead skin cells and scalp.
Properly arrange the scalp to prevent dandruff
6 main causes of dandruff
After familiarizing with the terms of dandruff, it is time to find the cause of dandruff and how to remove dandruff. Here is a list of causes of dandruff. This shows how to do this with specific actions and laziness:

Dry skin
Inappropriate brushing
Cold weather
There is a common mushroom seen in the scalp of everyone called Malassezia. It is found on all scalp, including the most healthy person. In some cases, a strong immune system of an individual may react to this fungus and cause dandruff. And in some cases, the proliferation of this fungus to propagate the hair follicles will itchy and irritate the scalp. In such a case, additional skin cells die and immediately appear as white flat dandruff.
Dry skin:
People with dry skin problems tend to have more dandruff problems than others. In addition, the overheated area more irritates the scalp, dries and drops the scale easily and quickly. White dandruff is not fat, it is smaller than normal dandruff.
The problem of dandruff is often seen in people sensitive to yeast. In such a case people will find more comfortable and lighter things in the summer and warm months and itch and dry during the cold winter. However, it is not clear what stimulates the scalp and scales. In such a scenario, yeast or dry skin is closely related.
Inadequate brushing:
Regular combing or brushing is very important. It prevents the scalp from periodically losing normal cells of the dead skin and preventing them from collecting over long periods of time. As a result, poor wear of the hair plays a major role in increasing the danger of dandruff.
Cold Weather:
Everyone knows that the skin dries and becomes dull in the winter. The same happens to the scalp, the scalp dries itching, cold weather continues, cold winds continue, and dandruff and dying skin cells continue.
Regular life cycle stress causes various health problems. When it becomes hair, stress will affect it very closely and directly. Stress is said to cause and destroy the natural cycle of hair growth and changes in hair removal cycle. Thus, if individuals are faced with elevated levels of stress, they may have dandruff problems due to growth cycles and disruption of dead skin cells.

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