Hair care is a major concern for all ladies of her beauty therapy because no one wants to wear lack of desire, dull, dry and dirty hair as she goes out. With today’s busy life and changing habits, it is very difficult to pay proper attention to hair care. Alopecia is a serious problem and reflects a decline in the health of the hair over time. Hair loss begins hair loss mainly due to lack of care and attention to hair lock. It is very important for all individuals, especially those who love their hair, to become familiar with some common causes of hair loss.

There are household remedies and haircare tips to help overcome the problem.

Leaves of coconut oil and curry:
Coconut oil for depilation

Curry calms hair
Curry leaves are said to be effective ingredients to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. A combination of curry leaves and coconut oil is the best

7-8 Curry leaves
½ cup of coconut oil rich in Dabur Vatika

Cook curry leaves with half coconut oil
Keep boiling temperature without burning curry leaves.
If there is black residue in boiling oil, remove it from heat and let it cool
Apply oil overnight and rinse with cold water
Repeat this process twice a week to effectively reduce hair loss.
Stop depilation in Indian Gooseberry (Amla):
Amla for depilation
Amla strengthens hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Amla is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. This is good for healthy hair. I learned how to reduce hair loss with the help of Amla.

2 tablespoons amber juice
2 lemon juice

Mix lemon and Amura juice together.
Apply gently to the entire scalp
Naturally dry the mixture and invert it for 2 hours or more.
Wash your hair with lukewarm water
Repeat at least twice a week to get the desired results
Fenugreek alleviates hair loss
Fenugreek seed to prevent hair loss
Fenugreek is a very popular food ingredient in India and has great potential to prevent hair loss. Fenugreek seeds, also called Indian gums, are rich in hormone precursors that help rebuild hair follicles and promote hair growth. Nicotinic acid and fenugreek seed protein also promote hair growth.

½ cup of fenugreek seed
Soaking water
Soak the fenugreek seed overnight in water and crush it into a thin paste.
Apply the prepared paste to hair and scalp uniformly.
Cover the head with a shower cap so that the dough works for 40 minutes.
Wash your hair with a light shampoo like Dabur Vatika Hair Shampoo
To stop hair loss at home track for an average of one month.
Onion juice to reduce hair loss
Onion juice to prevent hair loss
Onion is a magical ingredient of the kitchen that stimulates blood circulation to the hair follicle and leads to regeneration. Onion juice is very useful for the treatment of scalp infections causing alopecia with its antimicrobial properties.

One whole onion
Bake the onion and put the juice in a container.
Add a small amount of water to spread evenly on the scalp and work for 30 minutes
Rinse with shampoo
Repeat at least once a week to effectively reduce hair growth
How to prevent hair loss using henna
Henna is used to stain hair naturally and to condition it. It not only gives radiance and radiance but also strengthens the root hair.

Three cups of dried henna powder
2 tablespoons. Tea mustard oil
Mix Hot Henard Oil with Dried Henna Powder
Apply paste to the scalp and hair and hold for 40 to 45 minutes
Wash with cold water and repeat treatment every week to reduce hair loss
Honey treatment for hair loss
Honey for depilation
Honey is a natural moisturizer that provides the necessary nutrition. It moisturizes the roots and works to stop hair loss in the long term. It stimulates the scalp and helps to promote new hair follicles and cell growth and regeneration.

2 tablespoons honey
1 teaspoon olive oil
Cinnamon powder ½ teaspoon
Mix olive oil and cinnamon powder into a honey pack
Apply the hair package to the scalp and hold it at night
Next day, wash your hair with cold water
Repeat the process twice a week for better and faster results
Protein to reduce hair loss
Egg mask depilation
Eggs are a wide variety of foods, not only keeping the skin and the entire health happy, but also greatly alleviate hair loss.

Two egg whites
1 tablespoon olive oil
Take egg white from egg and mix with olive oil
Make a smooth paste from the mixture and apply to the scalp and hair as a whole
After holding for about 15 to 20 minutes, rinse with cold water, then rinse with a light shampoo.
Repeat weekly process to effectively stop hair loss
Clove stops falling
Clove stops falling
Clove is a miracle spice and it helps to greatly reduce hair loss and loss.

2-3 cloves
Garlic 2 cloves
2 tablespoons coconut oil
Please dry the roasted chocolate of garlic with a saucepan.
After roasting and refrigerating, crush it into powder
Add hot coconut oil
Apply a hot mixture to the scalp and hair and leave it overnight
Wash your hair the next day with a light shampoo
Licorice to stop hair removal
Licorice is very helpful in preventing hair loss and hair damage. It helps to prevent and reduce scalp inflammation and relieve it. It also helps to eliminate dandruff, which is a major cause of hair loss.

Licorice leaves are rare
Milk (licorice licorice)
Please add some roots of licorice to milk overnight.
Grind them together to form a smooth paste and apply to the scalp.
Please leave the package over the hair overnight and wash with mild shampoo.
We repeat this process once a week.

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